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Credit Risk Consulting

Coherence support commodity and energy traders and financial institutions with their credit business and technology needs. We plan and implement improvements to our clients’ credit risk operations and processes via the pragmatic use of new technology.

Our network of consultants is only comprised of experienced professionals that provide the highest quality support. We have worked on ground breaking projects for some of the world’s largest traders who have benefited from our deliverable strategic approach.

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Areas of Expertise

Credit risk in physical commodity trading -Physical commodity trading presents interesting challenges in credit risk, due to the event based nature of the exposures. We have extensive experience in the intricacies of measuring and managing credit risk when applied to physical commodity trading as well as paper based trading and have supported a pioneering roll out of a global system from conception through to implementation.  See this article for more details on how credit exposures work in physical trading.

Credit operations in commodities, energy and banking - Running a credit operation in the world of commodity and energy trading requires efficient processes to deal with the complexities of credit operations, whether appraising counterparties, managing limits or exposure mitigation. We help our clients introduce systems that support optimal processes, more efficiently using resources, reducing errors and the potential for control incidents, as well as improving capital utilisation. we have a particular focus on the credit processes and exposures that occur in energy and commodities, whether physical or financial.

Enterprise portfolio level credit risk and pricing - Creating a portfolio level credit risk solution, whether for a financial or a physical portfolio for energy and commodities, is extremely challenging if it is not addressing using a strategic approach. The levels of complexity involved in producing accurate and yet scalable analytic, which reflect the true nature of the portfolio requires planning combined with the ability to deliver. We help our clients create a strategy to address their analytic needs, which can be delivered incrementally so that it provides useful benefit when required.

What we do

Road-mapping and building business cases - Before a solution can be deployed it needs to be planned, and justified. A piecemeal approach leads to dead ends and regret spend. We help our clients plan the landscape of solution they would like  to adopt over the coming period, and then break it up into smaller deliverable projects. We then take both the whole roadmap and each individual project and help to build business cases around them, so that an informed an justified choice can be made as to which solution to deploy at each stage.

Using this approach permits our clients to adopt a deliverable strategic approach that can always be justified on a cost/benefit basis.

System Selection - When selecting a system it is important that the chosen software meets as many requirements as possible, efficiently and at an optimal cost level Our system selection methodology allows vendor software to be procured using a comprehensive and objective approach which take all requirements into account.

System roll out support - We support credit system roll outs by providing the right expertise as required. Our consultants cover both the business and technical side of a credit system roll out, which allows us to advise on business and technical best practice when rolling out a credit system. This allows common pitfalls to be avoided, saving costs and preventing delivery delays.

To speak to us about your credit needs, or to have a general discussion call us on +44 (0) 20 7193 3200 or email us at credit@co-herence.com.


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