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Coherence On  Demand Software Product Management

On Demand Technology Product Management

Coherence provides in-depth expertise, resources and training to bring technology products to market and maximise their value. For every stage of the product lifecycle, we offer services to launch, establish and drive forward the product, while maximising potential and actual company value.We offer value to software houses, and their advisers such as venture capitalists, research houses and pr agencies as well as end users.

Our services are available to all wishing to bring a software product to market, with an in depth focus on banking, commodity and energy trading technology sectors.

Coherence also operate a credit consulting practice for commodity and energy traders and investment banks.

Coherence Services

We offer a range of services that are appropriate to the product, its market, available funding and its stage in the lifecycle:

  • Lifecycle Product Strategy – Helping evolve the product from inception, through going to market to successful exit, maximising revenue and company value.
  • Market Analysis – Using our extensive and deep market knowledge to gather the right requirements to guide product development, resourcing, marketing and sales.
  • Specification – Our network of on-demand expert resources can gather detailed requirements and specify them, quickly helping to deliver the product into new markets.
  • Productisation – Providing guidance to re-engineer operations to suit a product company, running all the way though the company, from engineering to sales and marketing.

We acquire a deep and detailed understanding of our clients’ products and practices so that we can offer insight and quality of service that is not found in more general practices. A partnership is thus created with our clients that gives them on-demand access to high quality product management resources, as they are needed, and as it suits the product and market


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