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Product Strategy

A clear strategy over the lifecycle of a software product ensures that success is planned, not accidental. From product formation, through establishing a beachhead in the market, to widespread adoption, we work with our clients to devise a strategy that enables software houses to conquer the market.

Our deep knowledge of the banking and energy software sectors allow us to offer unrivalled depth to the strategy. Our experience of bringing software to market at each stage in the lifecycle prepares our clients compete and maximise company value.

We help build and evolve the strategy through every stage in the lifecycle:

Market Requirements – We use a combination of our own Market Analysis combined with other market research and our clients’ specific expertise to ensure that the product is formed around a well-defined target market.

Roadmap Creation and Selling – A fundamental part of product strategy is the product roadmap, and how it is used to build the product, communicate with the market and forward sell. We help put the process in place to produce and evolve the roadmap, putting it at the heart of the company’s operations.

Packaging – Packaging the product well is fundamental to its success. Each product and market is different, which means that the level of packaging, customisation and licensing structure will have a marked effect on product success.

Go to Market – Clear messages must be behind a product when bringing it to market. Whether at the debut or subsequently, the launch has to be part of a planned and coherent process. We take the current product and combine it with the vision and roadmap to derive the right messages. The result is used as the core of sales and marketing activity to communicate the product to market.

Release Strategy – The way releases, upgrades and versions are structured is an important aspect of archiving client satisfaction while maintaining revenue. Our hands-on expertise includes practical experience of many types of release strategy and technology, using both traditional methods and component based ones.

Preparation for Exit – Maximising repeatability and scalability increases recurring revenue and with it company value. We work to maximise high quality revenue, and help use the product strategy to plan the exit route. We create a virtuous cycle that matches strategy to potential exit route, which ensures that a high valuation is not accidental.

Shortcutting any activity in even one part of product development leads to inefficiency, bad quality and decreased sales. By outsourcing expertise to us our clients ensure they get the best resources without the risk of tie-in, which frees up their assets to focus on the parts of the business they know best.



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